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UFC 200 Predictions – Cormier Could Pull Off Upset of Jones

UFC 200

There’s a great chance this will be the best fight on the card. Even before both men met at UFC 182 (a deceivingly close fight which Jon Jones got the win by unanimous decision), this has been clear they despise each other, for many different reasons, and it looks like they’ll finally have the ability to settle their differences once and for several at UFC 200.

Many forget how close the very first encounter was, wherein Jon Jones clearly won, but on many scorecards, by a count of 3 rounds to two. Daniel Cormier stayed competitive until he ran into some cardio issues in the championship stanzas, but even then, Jones wasn’t able to dominate him. Although Bones gets the reach and height advantages, DC is probably stronger, and certainly possesses a far more technical wrestling game.

While certainly not guaranteed, given Jones’s skills, there is a good chance that Daniel Cormier will shock most everyone and walk away with the undisputed title here (Jones is the interim champion), consequently of his tenacity, his consistent preparation, and the still-present out-of-cage performance detractors affecting Jones. UFC 200 Prediction Daniel Cormier wins by Decision.


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