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Video Ndamukong Suh,Dirty on Rodgers


Yup, he did it again. The Detroit Lions‘ star defensive lineman, Ndamukong Suh, was caught by FOX cameras pulling yet another dirty move ahead a quarterback. Green Bay Packers‘ quarterback Aaron Rodgers was bumped to the ground by Suh and the lineman stepped on his ankle not once, but twice.

Was it dirty? You be the judge.

“How many times can this dude keep doing this!? NO, it was not accidental and the ONLY people defending it are Lions fans.”

As you can see, Suh backs up onto the fallen Rodgers’ankle and then takes another step back, putting each of his weight on the ankle that he stepped on originally.

While this may not seem like a big deal when he didn’t stomp on Rodgers violently like Dominic Raiola did yesterday, it is simply another poor relocate the long type of below-the-belt quarterback hits/dirty plays. Suh hasn’t learned from his mistakes and deserves a suspension with this unbelievably stupid move.

If that you don’t think he meant to do it, take a go through the replay, he stomped twice and lifted himself on Rodgers’ankle, not even turning around to acknowledge the nudge the quarterback gave him to have off his ankle.

“Suh isn’t the issue. The Detroit Lions management is the issue. They continue to allow their team to play dirty. Start fining the coaches and management? Possibly even make them forfeit a game in the next season for not dealing with bad behaviour. The NFL wants to end the career of players for poor behavior off the field? How about some concern for actions ON the field that jeopardize the careers of innocent players. Fining someone $100,000 that makes $3+ million is not a major impact. ”

Suh could have played his last game as a Lion as contract negotiations between he and the corporation haven’t exactly made much progress as his agent will in all probability decide where he plays in 2015.

Unfortunately, the absolute most likely outcome of the Suh Stomp is a hefty fine accompanied by another slap on the wrist.

It’s clear he doesn’t value his actions provided that they can keep coming back the in a few days to have paid. Suspension or not, Suh could have just played his solution of Detroit.

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