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Week 16 Scenarios – What Packers Must Do To Beat Buccaneers


Quarterback Aaron Rodgers suffered through possibly the worst performance of his NFL career for the Green Bay Packers against the Buffalo Bills at Lambeau Field in Week 15. Buffalo defense was great as Rodgers only had 185 passing yards, no touchdowns and 2 INT’s. He’s not totally responsible together with his receivers dropping and tipping passes through the game, but he did don’t see Jordy Nelson break free for what may have been a massive touchdown catch.

The Packers are sitting at 10-4, corresponding to the Detroit Lions in the NFC South big race. They will, play the lowly Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Week 16 and is going to be hoping to put on big numbers against the NFC South team.

Rodgers, Nelson and co will come back to winning ways against the Buccaneers and will hopefully continue to utilize running back Eddie Lacy, who turned out to be the sole truly consistent player for the Packers against the Bills. Rodgers remains playing for the MVP title, but even he will admit a division title ultimately causing the playoffs and an opportunity to visit the Super Bowl would be much more revered by any player in the NFL.

If the Packers have the ability to defeat the Buccaneers this week, it’ll put up an enticing Week 17 showdown with the Lions, and whoever wins that game will in all probability win the NFC North. Following the disappointing loss to the Bills, however, no body in the Packers organization will take the Buccaneers game for granted. Expect them to win big this week, Packers and expect you’ll see Rodgers back once again to his MVP-caliber self once again.

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