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Who Will Have More Fantasy Points Matthew Stafford vs. Russell Wilson

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Of most of the fantasy football matchups in Week 4, possibly the most intriguing is usually the one between Russell Wilson and Matthew Stafford Fantasy Points. Theoretically, the Detroit Lions must be throwing the ball a heck of a lot more, providing a lot of opportunities for Stafford to obtain yards and eventually touchdowns, nevertheless the Seattle Seahawks are still right on the verge of being double-digit favorites and should have more touchdowns overall for Wilson.

We’ll begin with Wilson in this game, as he must have his Hands on the ball a little more than Stafford. That doesn’t suggest more throws and more touchdowns, but it’s generally an excellent indicator of an improved fantasy game.

Wilson generally hasn’t been all that special in regards to fantasy football. By sportsbooks standards, Wilson was modest at best, averaging 22.17 fantasy points per game. That’s not a bad total, but the fact of the situation is that a lot of his great games were as a result of his legs. Those 118 carries and 849 yards on the ground in 2015 were nothing to sneeze at.

To date in 2015, Wilson has only been great for 21.48 fantasy points per game, but his touchdown production is down. If the fourth-year man can figure out how to acquire a couple more balls in the end zone, he could become the best fantasy asset.

The Lions have already been generous to quarterbacks and opposing offenses to date in 2015, allowing at the very least 24 points and at the very least two total touchdowns to all three quarterbacks who they have faced. Clearly, Wilson will be favored to possess at the very least two touchdowns in this game, especially when Marshawn Lynch is out for the second consecutive game thanks to a hamstring injury.

A week ago with Lynch sidelined for a lot of the game, Wilson had 20 completions and six rushing attempts, that is greater than we are seeing between those two categories for the  most part. What really makes Lynch’s potential absence more notable is play at the goal line. We’ve already seen the Seahawks throw the ball down in tight a lot this year, and that can give Wilson more opportunities for touchdowns.

As tempting as it could be to disappear on Wilson here against a pass-happy Stafford, we don’t see this game ending well for the Lions.

Yes, Stafford has received a history of being fantastic. We’re only some years taken from him averaging almost 27 fantasy points per game, and last season, things weren’t so bad with him averaging 18.71 fantasy points per game.

Even this year, Stafford, regardless of his five picks in three games, is averaging 19.73 fantasy points per game.

Having said that, this can be a really bad matchup for the Detroit offense. The rushing attack isn’t doing anything to help Stafford out. His offensive line has been woeful all season long, and that’s preventing Stafford from obtaining the ball down the field, and it’s getting him crushed standing in the pocket.

Worse for Stafford in this game is that we know the Seahawks have it out for Golden Tate, a man who has complained that defensive backs know very well what the Lions’ offensive plays are. Parlay that with Richard Sherman locking down Calvin Johnson, and all of a sudden, this offense seems like it could be suffering a poor fate on Monday Night Football.

No, we won’t be prepared to see the Seahawks posting a shutout once again this week even as we saw a week ago against Chicago, but it’s much less believable that Stafford has any chance to beat out Wilson regardless of whether we’re speaking about the specific game or the fantasy football matchup.

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