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Will LeBron Leave Home Again?

LeBron James

Almost two years ago, LeBron James broke the Internet after weeks of speculation with three simple words: I’m Coming Home. The King announced to the world through his now-famous Sports Illustrated essay that he was returning to the Cleveland Cavaliers after four years playing for the Miami Heat. During his stint in Miami, the Heat went to four straight NBA Finals and won two NBA Championships. The residents in the city of Cleveland fell in love with LeBron all over again after Cleveland fans (me included) dogged his name in infamy including some burning his jerseys. Also, Dan Gilbert’s infamous letter that was posted on the teams website before it was taken down prior to James‘ announcement. The first year under the new LeBron was a success as the Cavs came within two wins of the NBA title with a depleted team in last year’s NBA Finals.

This season, the Cavs have been surrounded by drama; 50% self-inflicted, the other 50% the media. The team fired head coach David Blatt in January and promoted assistant Tyronn Lue to head coach. But, more drama began plaguing the team: LeBron fraternizing with Dwayne Wade in a Cavs-Heat game last month when the Cavs were down by 21 points, James taking an impromptu trip to South Beach to work out with a trainer, LBJ’s cryptic tweets, the team’s discontent for Kyrie’s lack of passing and Kyrie’s recent relationship issues. But, the media also have constantly thrown dirt on the team as well. Howard Beck recently published an article for Bleacher Report where James said during All-Star Weekend that he would like to play with Chris Paul, Carmelo Anthony and D-Wade.

Despite all the drama, the Cavs sit at the top of the Eastern Conference by three and a half games. And, the Cavs could possibly represent the East again in this year’s NBA Finals. But, everyone is focused on whether LeBron leave Cleveland again for Miami, L.A., etc. Here is my answer about LeBron leaving Cleveland again: no, Lebron isn’t leaving Cleveland again. If he were to leave Cleveland again, his brand and his image will take a huge hit even a bigger hit after the fallout of “The Decision.” He can’t leave Cleveland until he wins a championship for The Land, and the same fans are what lured him back home. LeBron is also developing projects and business ventures in the Cleveland and Akron areas. But, even if delivers a title to The Land or not, I don’t think he’ll leave again because he wants his kids to grow up in Ohio; his family is happy about being home again. So, I think LeBron will be staying home for a while.

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