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Who Will Win Pistons vs Trail Blazers Predictions Friday


The Pistons visit the Trail Blazers on Friday night in a non-conference matchup between two teams moving in different directions. Detroit is six games out from the playoffs and fighting due to their lives, while Portland is sitting in third invest the Western Conference and inching nearer to the second-place Memphis Grizzlies. These Trail Blazers took down the Pistons 98-86 in the very first game and will appear to sweep the growing season series.

Detroit has lost eight straight games, and the acquisition of Jackson hasn’t exercised too well. The Pistons appear to be building a future movement, and they’ve lots of nice young players for that. Jackson, Caldwell-Pope, Monroe and Drummond form a solid core to begin, especially when they could add Brandon Jennings back into the mix. When it comes to Pistons this year, it seems their playoff hopes are only about kaput.

The Trail Blazers have won six of these last seven, coming off a huge win in the home from the Houston Rockets Wednesday night. Portland is attempting to cope with life after Matthews, so newly acquired Afflalo alongside players like Batum and Chris Kaman will have to step up. The Trail Blazers are on course for the playoffs and possibly home-court advantage, so they will definitely need to get a gain against over a Pistons team they feel they need to beat.

The key for both teams in this matchup could be the rebound battle. Both of these teams excel in rebounding the ball, with Detroit ranking fourth and Portland sitting second in the NBA. This nba Predictions game has three players who average more than 10 rebounds per game — Aldridge, Monroe and Drummond — so whoever wins the glass will more than likely win the game.

I think Portland will beat Detroit in a game title which is closer than people think. Detroit always likes to hang close with teams, so I think it will remain like that Friday night. The Trail Blazers only have too many offensive options and the Pistons will battle to contain that on the road. NBA Predictions Portland wins but the game is much closer then people think.

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